The India-West Indies Test Depresses Me

So far, none of the reasons I offered to watch the West Indies Test has come good. That may change today if Darren Bravo and Chanderpaul “come to the party,” as Ravi Shastri would say, but it’s unlikely. We are going to see another India Test victory here, and it’s the most boring kind: a huge 1st innings score, followed by two pointless (and long) days.

Now, I’m a cricket fan. A serious one. So I’ve followed this Test and I’ll see it to its conclusion. I also know enough to try and invent excuses to keep myself interested (yesterday, it was R. Ashwin; today it’ll be Bravo). But would the average fan, stressed in the middle of the week, care to watch this? Why are we putting out a product that we know has only minimal interest for the market?

Other bloggers, all much smarter than I, have offered solutions. Make it easier to get into stadiums. (That includes slashing prices to nothing.) Schedule Tests on the weekend, please. Consider giving each Test some sort of context by creating a Test championship (a pipe dream, this one; the Big 4 — South Africa, Eng, Aus, and Ind — have no incentive to change the current setup, which gives them flexibility to schedule what series they want). I know that at some point, India has to play weak times like Zim, or West Indies or whatever, but can’t we give these games some stakes? The point can’t be, “Let’s give our batsmen practice so they’re ready for the Australians.”

I take that back. That’s not such a bad point. Carry on.


5 thoughts on “The India-West Indies Test Depresses Me

  1. soulberry says:

    Jeez man…you really need upliftment! Maybe a weekend of cricket playing instead of blogging might get the juices flowing the way you want.

  2. I agree that despite being most difficult forms of cricket, test cricket has lost interest of many followers of the game. I guess the main reason is that two dull teams are playing e.g Bangladesh and Zimbabwe against a stronger opponent. I also agree with the author on the basis that test matches should be played on the weekend so that more crowd can be drawn and ticket prices should be made affordable in current inflationary conditions.

  3. The most important reason i guess and this might feel too cliche, is the amount of cricket played, especially by India. As far as i know the TV viewership is on the decline after the ind-eng home series. We need to take a break from the massive amount of cricket on Tv this days. Let me say this also that i am not a big fan but a (more than) regular follower of cricket. So some might feel it is unreasonable.

  4. Well as far as i know the TV viewership is on the decline after the ind-eng home series. We need to take a break from the massive amount of cricket on Tv this days.I am a big fan of cricket and i love to play it with my friends.

  5. At least this test is boring for the audience and for you but it is good for the cricket and development of the west indies team.

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