A Few Reasons to Watch India Play the West Indies

1. Shivnarine Chanderpaul. The man’s ugly as sin on camera, but somehow, he gets results (as shown on Day 1). If we’re lucky, we’ll see the Chanderpaul Special — keep hope alive by shepherding the tail, blocking hundreds of balls hour after after, and try to secure the draw. (Note: this performance is made even more special when Chanderpaul fails in his quest and his team loses.)

2. Darren Bravo. Don’t know much about this guy, other than he’s way more talented than Dwayne (half brother) and hopes to match Lara (first cousin once removed). The guy’s very, very young — which means I hate him all the more — but he looked solid against the Bangladeshis.

3. This may be the second-last series we see Dravid/Laxman/Tendulkar together. Scary thought.

4. Did Gautam Gambhir recover successfully from that concussion, or has a new, more incompetent alter-ego taken hold? Or did Duncan Fletcher take the opportunity to brainwash the lad?

5. We may finally be able to convince ourselves that India is ready to take on Australia in Australia. Granted, I’m assuming a convincing victory — and one against a middling team like the West Indies — but my nerves are shot. I need a confidence booster. Anything. Tell me this team used to be No. 1 only a few months ago.


3 thoughts on “A Few Reasons to Watch India Play the West Indies

  1. Russ says:

    6. It is one of cricket’s great rivalries. The seventh most played, and highest not involving Australia or England. A study in contrasting and complementary styles of play, of majestic run-scoring and inspired bowling. Sure, West Indies are struggling nowadays, but if people aren’t enthused by this match-up then talk about test cricket’s “traditions” is pure bunkum.

  2. Nikhil Puri says:

    Why do you think the Australia series will be the last time we shall see Sachin / Dravid / Laxman guys in action together?

  3. […] far, none of the reasons I offered to watch the West Indies Test has come good. That may change today if Darren Bravo and Chanderpaul “come to the […]

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