Indian Cricket Does Not Pay

At least one group of cricketers isn’t benefiting from the Indian largesse:

A potential boycott of September’s rich Champions League by Auckland is being mooted by the Players’ Association as they await unpaid prizemoney from eight months ago.

NZCPA boss Heath Mills is irked that up to $250,000 of prizemoney is still owed Central Districts from last year’s event in South Africa due to Indian red tape, and will urge Auckland’s players to think twice about attending this year’s qualifying tournament.

“We’ll be negotiating the player terms for that event through FICA and there’s no way we’ll be recommending players go until there’s some sort of up-front payment of participation fees. Even though they were paid, they were four or five months late,” Mills said yesterday.

“They will need to be paid up front and have some sort of stronger guarantee around the level of prizemoney, given it’s part of the total package. That’s a significant issue.”

Two questions: 1) Does everyone take advantage of the Kiwis? 2) How does anyone get anything done in India? Recall that the makers of HotSpot refused to participate in the World Cup, because they were worried the technology would be classified in such a way to make it impossible to clear Indian customs. Unbelievable.

5 thoughts on “Indian Cricket Does Not Pay

  1. Jonathan says:

    Several articles are suggesting that CA and CSA have given the relevant amounts of money to their representatives, but are also still waiting for the money to come through the Champions League channels (I think it actually from a sponsor). It doesn’t seem to be a Kiwi only thing…

  2. Poorvi says:

    Not sure if you’re read it already, but wanted to bring this article to your attention:

  3. Tennis says:

    According this article given information is good but its not right thing to arise internal issues to public its better to all …


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