The Blogs React To India’s World Cup Victory

John Stern, Wisden Cricketer:

The greatest legacy of the tournament, though, has been the re-invigoration of the 50-over game. But central to that is the balance between bat and ball. It hasn’t been a run-fest and thank goodness for that. There are plenty of lessons for the ICC to learn from the World Cup. Let’s hope they do so.

Rahul, Snicked Cricket:

I never understood the idea of going out on the streets, crowding them, wasting fuel, shouting and coming back home. But yesterday this game made me do that too. And it made me one of those maniacs who shouted for being happy – it made me a woo guy! The celebrations on the streets were insanely insane. No wonder such celebrations beat the shit out of every other celebration you can think about in the entire world.

Opinions on Cricket:

This is a new India. An India that believes that it can. It stays calm. It knows nothing but pressure. It has learned to accept it and get on with it. It explodes when it can and buckles down when it needs to. This India now manufactures Ice-Men by the dozen. Dhoni is India and India is now Dhoni.

Tootingtrumpet, 99.94:

Star Man for 2015 – Virat Kohli. Every shot in the book, cool in a chase and, as revealed in interviews, a self-possessed man with the intelligence required to keep his feet on the ground, I expect him to emerge as the leader of the post-Dhoni generation.

Jrod, Cricket with Balls:

Frankly I am happy, as I have always assumed the Indian race was far superior to all other races.


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