What You Can Do To Help India Win

An intriguing story from the Times of India on the power of superstition and cricket:

Even fans try to do their bit to help their teams. A radio station in New Delhi is running a campaign which urges listeners to do the same thing routinely on each day that India play. So there are fans drinking milk before the start of a match or sitting on the left side of the sofa all through the game.

“I only eat non-vegetarian stuff while watching India play,” said Pritam Sinha who works as a research associate in Delhi.  “Be it fish, chicken or mutton. It brings India good luck and wards off evil forces.”

I’m not sure what type of “research associate” Sinha is, but I’d take another look at his resume (or “bio-data,” as it’s sometimes called in the homeland). On the other hand, while it’s easy to dismiss the little things fans do for their teams, these superstitions are an integral part of being a spectator. As a young boy, I would “bowl” balls in my bedroom at a chest of drawers and if it landed in certain areas, I felt a wicket (on television) would be imminent. Does anyone else remember that Aishwarya Rai ad where she opens Coca-Cola bottles before every bowler’s delivery? And the Indian team does so well, by the end of the match, she has opened dozens of bottles around her?

This brings me to another question (perhaps more suited for a longer post of its own): is it better to watch a cricket game alone, so you can swing your bat and perform whatever crazy ritual you have, or watch the game with other people and restrain yourself?


3 thoughts on “What You Can Do To Help India Win

  1. cricketzap says:

    Awesome posting, I am thinking that if India win this world cup seniors players who are in the team will retire.

  2. Prafs says:

    I’d rather be watching be with a couple of friends or Dad if i’m at home. It means there’s always someone to share your insights(ahem) with.
    there has been a long standing tradition in the family.. whoever speaks ill of team india or even its chances of victory, gets shown the exit

    • duckingbeamers says:

      I like the policy. As I’m the only true cricket lover in my family, I tend to prefer watching alone.

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