The Latest Commercial Invasion Of A Cricket Pitch

I absolutely despite the ways Indian television producers try to insert more commercial advertisements into their cricket broadcasts. It’s not bad enough that commentators have to rush in a score at the end of an over, lest an advertisement not be shown for the 100 millionth time during a match. And no, it’s not bad enough sightscreens and cricket grounds have sponsors’ logos painted all over them.

No, now they want to put these ridiculous yellow images around the slip cordon as a bowler is running in. Have you noticed this in the India-SA series on Ten Sports Cricket? Absolutely despicable — it’s hugely distracting and I just can’t understand why anyone would think it’s OK to put this huge image floating below Dravid’s feet that suddenly disappears.Surely this is counter-productive?


3 thoughts on “The Latest Commercial Invasion Of A Cricket Pitch

  1. golandaaz says:

    Its quite the reverse my friend. Its seems like people in India sit down in front of the TV to watch ad agencies pitch consumer products and services. During breaks they show some moving images of live cricket being played in some part of the world.

    But seriously whose onus is it to make the viewing experience better. The craze for the game will be in fact even if they show only 4 balls in an over. Its not like there are other producers who can afford to show more of the game.

    With contracts going for millions and millions of dollars the only way channels can recover their costs is to get as much as revenue as possible.

  2. gagagamer says:

    But one should admit that it’s pretty cool programming. How the hell do they insert an Ad between the players and the ground such that it looks like it’s painted on the ground and players are running over it.

  3. Megha says:

    Ah! Just ranted about this myself. Those slip cordon ads were a huge shock to me too. I would probably be amenable to paying a little extra for my subscription if I could get rid of these ads!

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