The Men Behind The Sri Lankan Team Terror Attack

The New York Times has a front-page story today about Umar Kundi, a Pakistani terrorist mastermind killed in a recent shootout. The infamous attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team last March was among the many 29-year-old allegedly planned, along with seven other jihadis. As the paper says:

Their strikes were skillful. In last year’s attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team, led by another educated young man from a working-class family, a 29-year-old nursing assistant, Aqeel Ahmed, only three top people out of about 14 attackers knew the nature of the target, according to a police official who investigated the attack. The rest believed that the bus they were ambushing held an American delegation.

Absolutely amazing. They didn’t realize it was cricket.


4 thoughts on “The Men Behind The Sri Lankan Team Terror Attack

  1. Soulberry says:

    Amazing! And there’s Mihir Bose trying to convince the world that India is negotiating with Al Qaeda that it would play Pakistan players if Al Qaeda left it alone!

  2. @Soulberry, r u kidding? Al-Qadia is a joke BTW.

    and if this is true than obviously attack agenda wasn’t linked to other terrorist activities it must had some unique aim and targets. Bloody hell.

    • duckingbeamers says:

      That’s not quite right, Mudassar. The article suggests Kundi belonged to a group of homegrown Pakistani Taliban who slowly came to believe that violence against the Pakistani state (and citizens) was justified. The links between the Pakistani Taliban, Afghan Taliban and Al Qaeda are all of course murky and shadowy, but their aims and methods are remarkably similar.

  3. Som says:

    That’s whay Right to Information is such an essential right. Poor chaps.

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