Whom To Support? India or England?

I began this blog with my winners’s hierarchy; a tribute to Amartya Sen’s argument that we are all, at different times, different people. One minute, fans of India, the next, eager spectators. Now, normally, I support India in all situations, but I also have a soft spot for England, largely because they were the first to topple the Australians (if only briefly) in 2005. Also, I kind of like Kevin Pietersen: I want him to succeed, because his good form means a good English team, which makes for a much wider and more exciting cricket world. 

So where does that leave us? Well, I don’t care much about ODIs, but I don’t want India to lose either. I’m hoping for a 4-3 result, rather than a full walloping. In the Tests, however, a good result would be 1-0, in India’s favor, of course. That would leave Pietersen with enough of a reputation to hold until his next series. Anyone disagree?


2 thoughts on “Whom To Support? India or England?

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