Insulting The South African Cricket Team Properly

Just so we are all clear:

In order to use the current Champions Trophy as evidence that South Africans are (and forever will be) “chokers” at ICC events, they will have to lose a game after being in a seemingly commanding position. Mere losses do not count. We should be especially swayed by moments of utterly inexplicable irrationality, preferably while running between wickets. And if South African players turn daft after being called ‘choker’ on field by opposing players, we will have a prize exhibit on our hands (I’m referring here to the excellent tactic used by the Kiwis against Faf Du Plessis during the 2011 World Cup).

It could be argued that South Africa has preempted the ‘choker’ line by losing its most formidable players to injury. To take this point of view would be charitable and reasonable, especially given that the South Africans have some of the best players in the world right now and generally deserve more praise than scorn. However, as I have yet to decide how I feel about Du Plessis, I am not sure what point of view I shall take. Time will tell.

And for the record, I’d like to see either Pakistan or South Africa come through on this one. Pakistan, because they are now (and usually are) the most interesting team, and South Africa, because, well, they’re due.




7 thoughts on “Insulting The South African Cricket Team Properly

  1. Nicely put. As a South African fan I don’t like the word ‘choker’, and as you suggest it’s often wrongly applied. But I don’t have a lot of confidence in this ODI side, especially with the injuries. Hopefully somebody will stand up and show some real mental toughness to prove me wrong. It’d be a nice change 🙂

  2. Adam McDonald says:

    Ugh, a perfect storm for the Windies …. SA will be playing for a spot in the semis, for poor old Mandela, AND for a chance to shake off their hated sobriquet.
    The Bravo experiment needs a hard shake, with Sarwan the ridiculous rotten fruit and even young Bruv looking a bit soft.

    • Adam McDonald says:

      Here’s a post script – turns out it was a “perfect storm” for South Africa after all.

      They should have called it Wet Britain; time to throw a plastic dome over the whole mess.

  3. live score says:

    i was thinking that South African cricket team is the favorite in champions trophy but they performed disappointed game. Your post is very important to know about their disappointed performance.

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