The Poetry Of Bishen Bedi

Taken from here; inspired by this; [and a previous post on the poetry of Waqar Younis]:


When you buy a shirt,

A pair of trousers,

How do you buy it?

It is very simple:











Flight is a trajectory,

It is a loop It is

Quickish in the air


It has a rainbow effect.


If the batsman is shaking his head

While negotiating the spinning ball,

Then advantage bowler.

If you are setting a field for bad bowling,

Advantage batsmen.


“Right areas” is not on the 22 yards of the playing surface;

“Right areas” is the six inches between your ears.

You have to plan a strategy;

You have to plan a man out.


What is the job of the batsmen?

To score runs.

What is the job of the bowler?

To get wickets.


4 thoughts on “The Poetry Of Bishen Bedi

  1. Martin says:

    When he talks about spin: poetry, anything else: rubbish.

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the placement of punctuation and carriage returns :P.

  3. testdomain says:

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