The Poetry Of Waqar Younis

From this (and inspired by this):

Sometimes it is good not to know

Too many things.

When you see a fast bowler trying too many things

It is not good for his future.

I was lucky that I knew only one thing:

To bowl fast.


Big bananas come out of his hand.


Yes, the pitches are flat,

They are slow,

But you have to learn.

We learned it too.


Remember this:

It is not swinging the ball,

It is about dipping the ball.

And when you have a side-on action,

The ball dips more.


What is tampering?

Is applying Vaseline or creams on the ball tampering?

Is scratching the ball tampering?

Is picking the seam tampering?

All these are ways of tampering.


By the time you take that final leap,

You know what you are doing.



6 thoughts on “The Poetry Of Waqar Younis

  1. haha, deep! Hope it’s ok to re-blog!

  2. Reblogged this on wrongunatlongon and commented:
    With thanks to ‘Ducking Beamers’…I love poetry, I love cricket, I love an inswinging yorker…Waqar unites all three – not on purpose I imagine!

  3. livescore says:

    Well,well, well a very good poem especially for someone like Waqar Younis. Well I didn’t know that Waqar has this talent too.I mean it’s a very very good effort.It’s very pleasant to read it and seeing Waqar reminding those pleasant days of his time,when he used to bowl fast and used to threaten the batsmen,It’s very very good.

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