South Africa Wuz Robbed

I don’t put much stock in the ICC awards (quick question — when did we start caring about this? Have there always been ICC cricket awards? Does anyone know anything about these awards?), especially when they don’t find a place for a man like Hashim Amla. I don’t mean to put down Kumar Sangkarra, whom I like more than most Indian cricket fans, but the ICC should have just created a new award category — Best Hashim Amla Award? — and awarded it to Amla to save face.

I suppose the larger question is: Do you feel, of the big four, that South Africa is the least appreciated country? We know that India will always hold first place because of its market share, and we know Australia’s influence will hold (at least for now) because of success and aggressive style of play. We also know that England, as the birthplace of cricket (and the reason we all follow the game), will matter…but South Africa? Even now, at the head of two ICC rankings, it’s hard to feel like South Africa will move cricket, hold on to its heart, the way the other countries can (and have).

Is it just because of that missing ICC trophy? Or do we still feel that they’re the new kids on the block?


One thought on “South Africa Wuz Robbed

  1. cricketnns says:

    What I like about Amla is that he is sooooo humble on and off the field, he is so devoted to his religion as well. A great role model, and he probably cared less than any of us about this award. Probably said “Well done Kumar! Happy for you!” with a smile, Amla’s that type of guy. But I feel for him.

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