I Still Like England

My Spidey-senses may be off, but I detected a notable whiff of Anglophobia on Twitter as the South Africans were finishing them off at the Oval. I think I know why: a) England humiliated India, so a bunch of unhinged fans are panting for revenge; b) the English press, buoyed by an impressive at-home record, have lost any sense of humility, and c) some folk genuinely like South Africa and want to see them do well. (Why aren’t there more rabid South Africa fans, by the way?)

But I think a lot of people dislike England because they suspect it’s the new Australia. That is, they may be the latest team that will dominate cricket in a ruthless fashion and with meticulous detail. I think we’re all worried because, as I wrote, we now live in a polarized cricket world, wherein S.A., England and Australia (and, on a good day, India)  can all claim the No. 1 spot. And by and large, I’m OK with that, because each team on that list has suffered embarrassing humiliation in the last few years (think whitewash for England and India; think Ashes losses for Australia, and think “choker” for South Africa).

These teams aren’t Australia, 1990s edition — they are more human and flawed and occasionally brilliant. And that’s why England don’t bother me all that much. Even after that 4-0 India drubbing, I could cling to at least one thing — in 2007, I watched this team succumb 5-0. I saw them at their worst. That’s something I couldn’t think of Steve Waugh’s lot.


4 thoughts on “I Still Like England

  1. GrangerGab says:

    Folks don’t hate Eng cause they think they are the new Aus, in fact many are convinced this Eng team doesn’t have it in them to dominate like Aus did cause of their very obvious spin phobia.
    For me – I like this bunch but not their media, which is why I think most folks also want Eng to lose so that their crazy,pompous media will shut up – Vic Marks made a statement in his article today which went “Steyn who is often compared to Anderson” – my eyes popped out – just who is the better bowler here! It’s their media that negates the likeability factor of the Eng team.

    • lolly says:

      I couldn’t see that Marks was being tongue-in-cheek either. Made me think differently about him as I thought he was a reasonable commentator before that mindf**k.

  2. I think in general Strauss and Flower lead the team as modest men. They’re not brash, arrogant or particularly dislikable. Say we were number one and KP was our captain, even I would hate us a little bit. Although perhaps it helps that it doesn’t look like we’ll be completely dominating cricket for an era too…

  3. stephenworthing says:

    Oh dear, if South Africa win at Headingley I think they will go on to whitewash England. Headingley is the crucial game in this series because of the conditions there.


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