When Cricket Takes A Back Seat

Sorry for the no-posting of late, but the East Coast heat wave and rain in England have conspired to put cricket on my back burner for now.

And, well, there’s also Wimbledon. I could be wrong, but I believe there is a sizable bunch of mid- and upper-class Indians, particularly Goans (like myself), who count the two weeks at Wimbledon among the best parts of the year. It’s when my Anglophilia comes into full blossom — even if it periodically raises questions about why I like such exclusive events like cricket at Lord’s or finals at Wimbledon (where tickets may reach around $20,000 if Andy Murray beats J. Tsonga). Is my inner snob crying out?


5 thoughts on “When Cricket Takes A Back Seat

  1. Giambusso says:

    Wait. Your “inner snob” hasn’t had a full run of the operation up until now?

  2. cricketnns says:

    Nice to see cricket being given a break. Nadal was given a shock by Rosol, Djokovic was thrashed by Federer, and who will give Federer a nice surprise? Nobody! Go Roger!

  3. mithil293 says:

    I strongly feel this is murray’s wimbledon … fingers crossed

  4. Samir Chopra says:

    Saw this late. I much prefer the US Open now. The night games are awesome – crackling with energy, the surface is more indicative of the way most tennis is played now, and it feels like more of a ‘people’s’ tournament now.

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