What Part of IPL’s Governance Bothers You The Most?

Pick all that apply (and add more in the comments):

1. That BCCI honchos can own stakes in IPL franchises. This means that the league’s regulator may have a conflict of interest when a particular franchise ends up in a soup. (For more, google “N. Srinivasan” and “Chennai Super Kings.”)

2. That the salary cap may not actually exist. The idea was a noble one: prevent some franchises from out-spending others for better talent. But it seems some players may be getting some cash under the table, or other perks not included in the bottom line.

3. The “secret auction tie-breaker” thing. Whatever that is.

4. That there isn’t a program in place to mentor young cricketers who are exposed to fame, fortune and cheerleaders before they may be ready for it.

5. The knowledge that your passion for cricket is being used to enrich the elite of India’s new Gilded Age (Mallya, Reddy, Nita Ambani), who will likely do more to damage the country than anything else in the coming years.

6. The notorious after-match parties.

7. Other: Please explain.


2 thoughts on “What Part of IPL’s Governance Bothers You The Most?

  1. All of the above and more.

    Money laundering.

    Spot / match fixing. It is set up to gives the opportunity to spot-fix every aspect of every match. Starting from team selection, playing order to on-field events ie. no balls, wides etc.

    Most importantly, I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of franchise owners, with their respective team management, spot fixing with bookies to recoup their expenses. Any player/coach who is known to be anti-fixing will be pushed out or remain unsold.

    Its a tournament that has been set up to make money. NOT promote cricket.

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