Bangladesh Cricket Needs Help

I’m sure this is exactly what the prime minster of a country of nearly 150 million people should be spending her time on:

Akram Khan, the Bangladesh chief selector, has withdrawn his resignation letter and will continue in the position. Akram said that he had changed his decision after meeting Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

 I don’t know why cricket in South Asia runs through the politician’s office. It boggles my mind that the Pakistani president, the Sri Lankan prime minister/sports minister/president, and the Bangldeshi prime minister make time in their daily agenda to look into questions of selection policy, like, say, whether or not Tamim Iqbal should open in the Asia Cup. Good grief.

2 thoughts on “Bangladesh Cricket Needs Help

  1. The story goes that General Zia had asked Imran Khan to reconsider retirement, so Imran came back and won the World Cup. (so good call, General)

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