Virender Sehwag Is Starting To Annoy Me

Not just because of his bad form. Or because he refuses to adjust his game to a match situation. But because he’s been showing a lot of attitude lately. This is his latest:

It was withdrawn, Sehwag said, “because if we appealed and umpire gave him out, then somebody will criticise that, you know, that was not spirit of the game”. Sehwag was asked if it was not soft to let the batsman off even after the warning. “It’s soft, but that’s the way we are,” he said.

Sehwag is indirectly criticizing both Tendulkar (for talking him out of his appeal) and Dhoni (for letting Ian Bell off in the summer). He’s also being an ass about it — ultimately, as captain, he had the final decision. If he wanted to stand up to Tendulkar, he should have done so.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

4 thoughts on “Virender Sehwag Is Starting To Annoy Me

  1. Mahek says:

    That’s a bit selective on your part. From the same link,

    “There were suggestions that it was Sachin Tendulkar who persuaded Sehwag to withdraw the appeal, but Sehwag said it was his own decision.”

    So how exactly is he criticising Tendulkar for talking him out of his appeal?

  2. The moment I read the headline, I knew I would like this one 🙂

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