The Right Time For Tendulkar’s Retirement

Devanshu has an excellent post skewering those who think Tendulkar has the right to choose his point of retirement:

I foresee new rules for the selectors. Select the players. Then replace them only when a player chooses his time of departure.

It’s easy to look at Tendulkar or Ponting and think that these guys just don’t know when to quit the limelight. If I were an athlete, I would hate to contemplate the rest of my life — what, endless commentary with the same group of insufferable people? Coaching a bunch of IPL dimwits?

But at least with Tendulkar, it seems that as much as Tendulkar resists leaving, we can’t handle his departure either. Part of this reluctance stems from what social scientists call status quo bias; as much as we recognize the problems of reality — bad form, delaying youngsters, etc. — we don’t want to deal with the messiness of finding a replacement. But an even bigger problem comes from a particular lack of confidence. Tendulkar represents magic and the divine touch; dropping him not only risks the ire of the gods: it supposes an arrogance — a very modern one — that we now know the secret to creating fire.

It is, in other words, a mutiny. And that freaks people out — so much so that they’d be happy to let Tendulkar play on and on.

4 thoughts on “The Right Time For Tendulkar’s Retirement

  1. Cricket just like any other game is competitive and a team has to be on the top. No matter how much I love Tendulkar, even I know he has to go one day. I have been kind of prepared of that day to be end of WC 2011 and with India winning I personally thought the time is right. He has done it all, even having not having the 100th 100 for which he will be remembered forever just like Don missing out on his 4 runs in last match.

    I believe, someone in selection committee will commit a mutiny but it will be behind the closed rooms unless Sachin identifies when he is ready to go. I dont think fans like us will see it getting messy. No matter who decides, Sachin will be (has to be) allowed to go on his own for the fans. We can not have him go like a Ganguly or a Ponting. He is God of Cricket and for us we have to see him announce his retirement – that much I am sure he has earned (maybe thats what the author you quoted meant)

    • duckingbeamers says:

      Kapil, thanks for the comment. The thing is, I’m pretty much ready for Tendulkar’s retirement. When people write that he has “done it all,” that, to me, means I don’t have anything left to see from him.

      What has he ‘earned’ is a very interesting question. You realize there’s always the danger that he will turn out like Michael Jordan and, by staying so long in the game, dim his own star?

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  3. raj says:

    The problem is with the interpretation. When Shekar says Tendulkar should be allowed to choose his retirement date, that is all he implies. He doesn’t imply that he should be selected forever until he says “select me no more”. The dare is let him retire when he thinks it apposute. Meanwhile, if you feel he is useless, drop him. That’s a dare Mr Dhoni – why don’t you save 20 runs by dropping him permanently instead of rotating?

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