The Return of Cricket Pitch Nationalism

Things are so tough for India that this is all they can muster to the playground bullies: “Yeah, wait until you’re in my house and we’ll show you!” Here’s Gautam Gambhir:

“Once these people come to India we should not be hesitant in making turners, and that’s where we would get to know whether they are mentally strong, and [what happens to] the kind of chit chat do they do when we go overseas and they talk about our techniques.

O.K., I get it — these guys have been through a lot (and they’re likely to get whitewashed for the second time in a row overseas). And it’s true; foreign teams have not had an easy time in India, so the Indians at least have that to boast. But Gambhir’s comments — foreshadowed earlier by BCCI overlord N. Srinivasan — betrays the wrong attitude. First, the best way to silence critics abroad is to beat them, not say, “Well, you know, these pitches don’t look like the ones we have at home.” Second, if India is to become strong overseas, it’s going to have to start building bowler-friendly pitches at home. This will help domestic fast bowlers mature, and it will strengthen the batsmen too.

Say you don’t agree with that, and you’d prefer to maintain international diversity in pitches. Fine. But at the very least, Indian pitches need to stop being so damned boring. I’d prefer rank turners to the placid crap most groundsmen have put up lately to ensure five days of telecast cricket.


2 thoughts on “The Return of Cricket Pitch Nationalism

  1. exactly rank turners are any day better than flat tracks where 1500 runs are scored without any result.

  2. golandaaz says:

    the problem i have with Gautam’s comment is it reveals the thinking in this team. They are plain defeated. I am frankly embarassed at the comments. Mind you not bacause they are wrong but the timing. OF course India has prepared tracks that favor their strenghts. What is GG trying to imply? That its not been the case? These guys are simply trying to deflect attention.

    The question is how can we get good enough so that we can at least draw a Test away from home. Not ensure that we always win at home. We have always won at home using the Azhar-Wadekar-Kumble-Sachin template.

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