Satadru Sen Needs To Calm Down

This is part of (an otherwise great) guest post from Satadru Sen:

When the Indian cricket team returns from Australia in a few weeks, the Customs and Immigration officers at Delhi or Bombay or wherever their plane lands should give the players, along with Duncan Fletcher, a good public beating. Then Srikkanth should be summoned to the airport to receive his own thrashing, for screwing up the bowling attack.

Again, I understand the anger and frustration, but calling for public beatings when those events are all too common in India isn’t necessarily kosher. Recall Dhoni’s house being stoned during the 2007 World Cup? Or the various effigy burnings that usually occur when India does badly?

I was struck recently by how Gautam Gambhir described public criticism of the team. He said: “We have given the opportunity to people back home to give whatever they are giving [us].”  It’s a strange way to construct a sentence, but it belies the siege mentality the Indian cricket team has to adopt. If we do badly, he seems to be saying, we give these people the rope to hang us with.


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