One More Quick Note On the Indian Cricket Transition

So far, the most criticism has come in for India’s batsmen. That makes sense because of the scorecards, as well as Dhoni’s own self-diagnosis (that the bowlers did their jobs, but the batsmen did not). But we shouldn’t forget that India’s bowling line-up is also on a fine edge and that solving its problems will likely be harder than anything else.

Kartikeya (over at A Cricketing View) knows the data and arguments better than I do, but once Zaheer Khan goes — which can’t be long, given his injury-prone body — we could see repeat after repeat of the England tour. In Melbourne and Perth, the Indian bowlers did reasonably well (barring David Warner’s innings, there would have been little to choose between the two sides), but I’m not entirely convinced Ishant Sharma, R. Ashwin or Vinay Kumar are the answer. (I’m happy with Umesh Yadav and Varun Aaron, but I’d like to see how those fast bowlers handle the rigors of international circuit.)

Are we happy with Ohja or Harbhajan? Who will lead our pace department once Zaheer goes? We have suggestions for improving the batting side because Indians know how to bat (generally). But to deal with the bowlers, we’ll need to start talking a little bit more about our cricket academies, our flat pitches and whether or not the IPL is getting in the way of bowlers touring English counties.



2 thoughts on “One More Quick Note On the Indian Cricket Transition

  1. Krishna says:

    I think people on Twitter (especially Homer) have been over this ground before during the England tour after a similar analysis blaming the bowlers. India has been a side that has traditionally won matches by putting up huge scores as pressure to aid bowlers to get wickets. But, here is the simpler argument.

    Failing to win Tests can be blamed on bowlers. Losing Tests should be blamed on batsmen because they should be able to outlast the opposition bowlers. If your team can bat for 8 sessions, there is no logical reason you should lose.

    Not that the bowlers are really great. Ishant should probably take a break & Vinay too. But the batting order should be doing much more.

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