Praying For The Whitewash?

Devanshu isn’t happy with Venkat Ananth for pulling for a whitewash (which would, presumably, force the BCCI to reform):

The weird thing about Mr. Ananth’s article is that what he ultimately wants is an ideological victory– for the BCCI to change to suit his ideal. And it’s a worthy ideal.

But he’s willing to give up the present. He’s willing to give up on short-term victories, on short-term miracles. He’s willing to give up on the grind. Like a comic book villain, he wishes for short-term devastation, so that he can build a new world order.

Tough call. My own position is that while I’d like to avoid the whitewash (if only to avoid the sight of smiling Australians), I wouldn’t be destroyed by one. And that’s because I’d like to see some BCCI officials squirm and, obviously, see some changes made in the way India runs its cricket. The more likely outcome? India lose 4-0 (or 3-0); Indian fans start calling for Laxman+Dravid’s heads; the BCCI announces a powerless review (like the Bowles-Simpson Commission) and, one year later, we have promptly forgotten everything.

New world order, anyone?


One thought on “Praying For The Whitewash?

  1. Russ says:

    Nothing wrong with wanting to lose. I spent much of the pre-Ashes hoping Australia would lose (they didn’t) before England arrived and sorted them out properly (they did). Harry Pearson wrote an amusing piece of the phenomenon with respect to football fans. From the latter stages:

    When such measures have failed it becomes obvious to most fans that the time for pussyfooting around is over. The club needs to be taught a harsh lesson for its own good. Once the supporter has arrived at this state, all normal reactions are reversed. His catchphrase at home games becomes “There you are. What did I tell you?”

    He listens to radio reports on a defeat with grim satisfaction. He cackles cynically at fluffed chances, begins to regard the deflection that sends his goalkeeper the wrong way not as wicked or cruel but as merciful and just.

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