One Quick Defense of the Indian Team

Things are terrible, they should be performing better, etc: but India has had an unbelievably difficult itinerary over the past year. I seriously doubt any team could go to South Africa, England and Australia emerge without a few embarrassments. Steve Waugh’s Australians crossed the globe as conquerors, but no other team has been able to win everywhere. Andrew Strauss said as much the other day when he said the time was ripe for an Asian tour; only after a victory in India could he check the last box on his to-do list.*

Just keep that in mind when someone mentions the 16-innings-without-scoring-above-300 thing. Look at how much overseas cricket these guys have played, and how relatively little others have. Imagine South Africa on successive tours of England, India and Australia; or Australia in India, Pakistan and England.  Sure, they probably wouldn’t suffer whitewashes, but…

* Incidentally, does everyone remember how mad people were at Rahul Dravid for not pushing for outright victory and a 2-0 scoreline in England in 2006/7? Now does everyone appreciate why he was so cautious?

6 thoughts on “One Quick Defense of the Indian Team

  1. Krishna says:

    To make the case for the prosecution, Your Honor, let me repeat what the Defense Attorney just said…

    “Sure, they probably wouldn’t suffer whitewashes”

    We rest our case.

  2. While I am terribly upset by these performances, I think there is a need to tone it down a wee bit. Thus far, it’s been a “whitewash”, and not “whitewashes”. The jury is not out yet on that one, Krishna!

  3. Mahek says:

    Well, South Africa toured India, England & Australia in the space of 9 months. They drew one series & won two. Oh, and they played just one home series during this time – A 2-0 shellacking of the Toygers. Ofcourse for South Africa the problem is winning at home rather than abroad 🙂

  4. tracer007 says:

    The issue is not the number of defeats…it is the manner of defeat…

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