Indian Stadiums Still Suck

A Cricketing View has the details on how it’s nearly impossible for spectators to get into the Delhi Test match against the West Indies:

This is from a spectator named Manish:

“The reason for attendance is simple. Me and my wife started from home at 8.00 on a winter morning (that too on a Sunday). Spend 100 bucks on Auto. Reach here a 8.30 to find out that there is no ticket counter at the stadium (because it is Sunday). Went to a near by bank branch after roaming for an hour. After jostling for an hour got the tkts and enter the stadium at 10.30. On internet only season tickets are available. There were a lot of people who went back including kids. We persisted but nearly gave up.”

“In continuation, only 100 Rs tickets were available. Higher category stands, even though vacant are not being sold. But the effort reminded me of my college days when we used to find our ways to movie tickets.”


One thought on “Indian Stadiums Still Suck

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