Hugh Laurie Really Likes Cricket

I just did some more digging for my previous post on the mysterious cricket ball in (American medical drama) House. Apparently, I’m not a devoted enough fan because there have been multiple cricket-sightings on the show. E.g. 1: A question from the book House, M.D.: The Official Guide to the Hit Medical Drama:

“QUESTION: Where did you get House’s cricket ball?”

[Art Department dude] MIKE CASEY: “I think I got it from India. I wanted to get a legitimate one. If it’s not any good, Hugh is going to bust me for it. He has a Magic 8 ball, tennis balls, a lawn bowling mall…”

E.g. 2: Hugh Laurie Gives ‘House’ Crew Members Lessons in Cricket Bowling, Hello! Magazine

After a break in filming occasioned by the writer’s strike, Hugh Laurie is back in character as House‘s maverick medic. And while his ability to portray an American character has earned him plaudits, the British star was proving he’s in no way forgotten his English roots this week as he explained to crew members the difference between the bowling technique used in cricket and that of baseball.

E.g. 3: The character House also has a cricket ball in his apartment. Which is a real commitment.

E.g. 4: This video:

One thought on “Hugh Laurie Really Likes Cricket

  1. He also has a bat in his hands in the episode “Moving the chains” in season 6.

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