Hugh Laurie (and House) Likes Cricket

Just a quick note on an unexpected cricket sighting: if you watch the latest House episode (“Charity Case”), you’ll catch a glimpse of House throwing around a cricket ball in his hand during a conversation with his underlings. (It’s a brand new cherry, too.)

I wonder if Hugh Laurie (the British comedian/singer/awesome guy who plays House) thought it’d be a great inside joke, or if he thinks his character House is actually an Anglophile, or if he’s behind a massive conspiracy to subliminally get Americans to enjoy the gentleman’s game.

3 thoughts on “Hugh Laurie (and House) Likes Cricket

  1. […] just did some more digging for my previous post on the mysterious cricket ball in (American medical drama) House. Apparently, I’m not a […]

  2. dax says:

    Saw it as well – which lead to google which got me here!

  3. Getting North America interested in the game would solve SO many problems for some of us up here…

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