Mumbai Indians Caught Cheating?

Quite a catch from Cricinfo:

Suryakumar Yadav, the batsman who was omitted from the Mumbai Indians squad for the Champions League T20 on account of injury, has scored an unbeaten 182 in an under-22 tournament in Mumbai on Thursday. Yadav’s omission from the MI squad on September 22 had left them with seven Indian players, which prompted their request for an additional overseas player for the tournament and resulted in theirs being the only team allowed to field five foreign players in the final XI.

Just to be clear: the accusation is that the Mumbai Indians, eager to play with high-profile foreign players, dumped three no-name domestic players so they could get a special allotment. The Mumbai Indians claim these domestic players were injured, but if Yadav could score more than 150 runs (and be cleared by his own team management) in a separate tournament, how injured was he?

So what happens next? How do IPL franchises resolve accusations like these?


One thought on “Mumbai Indians Caught Cheating?

  1. To quote a fictional Che, “When the money keeps rolling in, you don’t ask how”.

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