Where Does A Fast Bowler Get His Speed?

The New York Times has posted a great video detailing how a tennis player gets speed on a serve. It’s illuminating to see all the different parts of the body work together to send a wee tennis ball hurling across a net. Does anyone know if a similar explanation exists for fast bowling? I’d like to see the run-up broken down into segments. At the very least, it’ll give me perspective on Ishant Sharma’s latest injury, which sounds just terrible.

“I have a ligament tear in my left foot, and there is also a bone impingement in my left ankle. Surgery is the only way out. But if I undergo that now, my foot will be in plaster for about three months and the rehabilitation in all could take about 6-8 months.”

Bone impingement? Good God! If you haven’t seen it already, read this earlier post on cricket injuries and the ethical obligations of a fan.


2 thoughts on “Where Does A Fast Bowler Get His Speed?

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