Aaron Sorkin Loves Cricket

To follow on my previous post: let’s start counting the number of times cricket appears in Aaron Sorkin scripts! Here’s another one. I always say: if you want to win an argument, carry a cricket bat.

4 thoughts on “Aaron Sorkin Loves Cricket

  1. Giambusso says:

    I will kill people, Leo. I forgot about that one. Sorkin really does love Cricket.

  2. Jessica says:

    This is unrelated to cricket, but did anybody ever notice that the White House Counsel is always about to go on vacation? In episode 2.19, “Bad Moon Rising,” Oliver Babbish is about to leave on vacation when Bartlet comes into his office to confess his M.S.

  3. […] in my continuing series on cricket citations from Aaron Sorkin’s oeuvre (see here and here). If you watch the finale of season 1 (“What Kind of Day Has It Been“), you’ll […]

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