In Praise Of Jonathan Trott

Jonathan Trott has just won ECB’s Cricketer of the Year Award, a fair tribute to a man with an average of over 65 in the past 12 months. Not so long ago, it was said it was said of the English line-up that once Kevin Pietersen was dismissed, it was ready for the taking. Now, Trott and Bell (and Strauss and Cook at the top) make sure that’s not the case.

The problem with Trott is that he’s an anti-Pietersen. He scores runs (more than K.P. now), but in his own way — one at a time, with stodgy resolve. It’s difficult to watch. In fact, the only thing that makes it palatable is listening to Test Match Sofa make fun of how awfully difficult it is to watch Trott. But I try not to take the Trott hatred too far, lest that give Test cricket critics another piece of evidence in their fight against the format. Indeed, Trott’s style of play is in line with my paean to anti-modernity: slow, determined, humble, solid. So if I have to watch him and grit my teeth, so be it.


2 thoughts on “In Praise Of Jonathan Trott

  1. Jake says:

    I dunno. Ilove watching Trott bat – I can’t help but be fascinated by the sheer bloody-minded diligence and concentration that it takes to defend the wicket, restrain the urge to take chances, and grind out runs. Its effect is just debilitating on the attack, and watching Trott gradually discombobulate the mental approach of bowlers is poetry in (slow) motion. Few have the discipline to pull it off.

  2. Russ says:

    In the frame where batting is defence, KP is the one who hassles and presses his opponents, makes spectacular tackles and blocks, and looks imposing. Trott is the efficient defender, he cuts out passing lanes, makes interceptions and forces bad decisions. Only the very observant and the ones looking at the statistics notice his contribution. Trott becomes more palatable the more closely you focus on what he is achieving.

    That said, I generally watch the bowlers and think about their tactics. Sri Lanka looked a bit clueless on how to prise Trott out, and it showed in the scoreboard.

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