On How To Watch A Cricket Game Properly

Via The Daily Dish, a series of charts on how sitting is bad for you (apparently, it increases risk of death by 40% and makes you fat if you do it too much). Naturally, as an office zombie, this news makes me concerned, but as an avid cricket watcher, I feel validated. Allow me to explain:

One of the reasons I prefer to watch cricket games alone is that it allows me to bring out an imaginary bat, or my imaginary run-up, and deliver myself fully into my alternate reality (in which I am a cricket star, of course). No couch sitting for this wannabe athlete! As a teenager, I used an actual cricket bat, though I had to restrain some of my wilder swings after bruising nearby furniture. These ‘exercises’ caused a fair amount of embarrassment when family members walked into my room and burst my perfect bubble.

But it’s a habit I still retain. And, following on our earlier discussion about cricket camera angles, I realize that most of my fantasy batting is in slow-motion. What is that about? (How do you guys watch cricket? Stationary, on a seat, and risking certain death — or up and about?)

One thought on “On How To Watch A Cricket Game Properly

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