An IPL Reality Show

I’m watching The Voice (I know, I need to put this off now), and it got me thinking about a reality show for the IPL. This is the best idea I could come up with:

Pick two cricket teams, preferably from your franchise areas. These players should be all unknowns; you will fill in their narratives (where they’re from; how they dream of playing cricket at the international level; the personal stakes) during the show. The catch: only two members from each side will get signed by a franchise. (Different thoughts on how to judge — maybe someone from the current Indian selection committee? Or scouts from the franchise? Or even retired international players? Or, on a different tack, go objective and pick the bowler with most wickets or most runs).

And you can add some more spice — have a celebrity cricketer act as the coach for each side, and show the drama behind the dressing room as these two made-up teams play against each other. Open to suggestions to make this better — as long as we go 50/50 on syndication fees!


3 thoughts on “An IPL Reality Show

  1. I Don’t think ipl is reality show it’s just a short time entertainment ……. for us..

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