Sreesanth’s Ayurvedic Treatment

This is about two years late, but I wanted to ask: does anyone know how wise Sreesanth’s decision was to opt for ayuverda instead of recommended shoulder surgery? This is what he told Cricinfo in 2008:

“I am feeling good and the ayurvedic treatment I underwent at Coimbatore really helped,” Sreesanth said. “Though all the surgeons I consulted did speak about the need to undergo surgery, I thought I would try ayurveda and believe me, I have recovered well. I would have lost six months if I had undergone surgery but now I have gained some time and I am able to bowl, bat and even throw, which was a bit of a problem earlier on.”

At the time, I joined in with a loud chorus in mocking Sreesanth. But as I’ve learned more about American health care, and the s0-called bio-medical industrial complex, I’ve grown more curious in the validity of “alternative” treatments. This skepticism may be less pronounced in India, but in America, my sense is that anything not recommended by a white coat in a shiny hospital is seen as fringe and hippy-ish.

But, again, recall Robin Utthapa’s testimony:

“Surgery in itself was a difficult one for me. I never had a fracture, I never wore a cast, I never had stitches, never been on general anaesthesia, never had a nerve block, and now I had all of it in one day,” Uthappa told Bangalore Mirror. “I had a cast right up to my forearm, a sling. I never ever experienced such excruciating pain in my life. I was on narcotics for 20 days, sitting and slouching on bed, passing out almost all the time, and then you lose shape.”

So my question is: has Sreesanth injured his shoulder since 2008? Did he go back and opt for surgery after all?


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