Gaps In Cricket Knowledge

I mentioned L. Balaji in my last post, and I realized I know little to nothing about the man. That’s because Balaji began his career in the Indian team during one of the intermittent periods I stopped following cricket (circa 2003). As any member of the Indian diaspora will tell you, following cricket before the Internet age (and even now) can be tremendously difficult when you live in a country that doesn’t care about, or quite possibly hasn’t heard of, cricket.

As a result of wandering around the globe, my timeline as a cricket fan looks something like this: 1996-1998; 2007-present. I obviously checked in at crucial points (like the 2003 World Cup), but otherwise, through high school and most of college, I checked out. My biggest problem was that, for a very long time, I didn’t like reading about cricket so much as watching it — and if your cable network didn’t have Doordarshan, that meant you were basically cut out of the loop. (This was before illegal Internet cricket streams changed my life.)

That means I missed the 2001 Eden Gardens Test, and Rahul Dravid’s rise, and Ganguly waving his shirt, and L. Balaji and early Irfan Pathan. (I did catch the 2005 Ashes because of a chance vacation in Europe, which explains my now irrational interest in English cricket.) And it also explains why I can’t stop watching and talking and writing about cricket now — making up for lost time.

Anyone else have cricket gaps?


2 thoughts on “Gaps In Cricket Knowledge

  1. Samir Chopra says:

    1987-1990 is a bit of a black hole for me. I left India in August 1987. started in early 1990, and thats when contact with cricket resumed. Before that, it was updates from home, including newspaper clippings sent from England! That is how I found out about Hirwani’s debut test.

  2. Minal says:

    I guess the period between 2006-2008. I was so drowned in my work and settling in new place; plus Dubai did not telecast all matched except on Ten Sports – essentially Pakistan focussed. So missed India’s SA tour of 2006/WI-2007, Eng-2007, Ashes-2007, Ind-Aus 2007-08 ( followed it on net – hated this bit).
    Neo and Cricone ( which is now a blessing cause it telecasts all matches worldwide) have been added by the network here in last couple of years and I’m back to watching cricket.

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