An Old Cricket TV Convention I Miss

Is it just me, or do cricket broadcasts now rarely show a bowler’s run-up? I seem to recall, in bygone days, watching the slow-motion shot of a fast bowler (from front and side) approaching the crease and finishing his follow-through. It was always a lovely thing to see, because bowling is such an unnatural thing to do (and even more unnatural to do well). It was also educational — commentators usually pointed out problems in a run-up, or after a delivery, that needed to be changed. (On that note, has anyone else noticed how Ishant Sharma seems to do a mini-stumble after he bowls? Or is this just me?)

Anyway, cricket broadcast world, bring this feature back. Maybe even play it during those strategy time-outs? Just a thought.


One thought on “An Old Cricket TV Convention I Miss

  1. Golandaaz says:

    very true. those images were engaging

    On Ishant Sharma, he is the only bowler I know of who is falling forwards as he lands to bowl.

    I would think it is a prerequisite and basic technique to land with your body tilted backwards

    Look at this

    and now look at Ishant

    By the time he lands he appears to be stumbling forward

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