West Indies Cricket Board, Exposed

I second J. Rod’s recommendation. Read WICB Exposé for the latest dirt on the West Indies Cricket Board, including a) what Otis Gibson thinks about Chris Gayle (and this explains my question in my previous post on talent management); b) Why Burger King has single-handedly bankrupted West Indies cricket and much more.

I can’t wait until some enterprising blogger does the same for the BCCI.

UPDATE: I particularly like this part from the Otis Gibson tour de-briefing:

Players do not see themselves as athletes viz-a-vis training and eating habits.

Eating habits? What are these guys eating?


4 thoughts on “West Indies Cricket Board, Exposed

  1. Jayne says:

    Too many fried plantains?

  2. […] one more point from the Otis Gibson de-briefing memo (courtesy of WICB Expose). At one point, in a list of the West Indian players’ shortcomings, […]

  3. Dwayne Browne says:

    I have a serious Problem with the mentality of Caribbean people, that is why our region is so poor. In the Caribbean time after time we prove to have some of the most talented young cricketers, why do they fall by the wayside shortly after becoming professional and playing for the west indies team? Is it that every single young cricketer automatically becomes wayward and only motivated by money? Every single one? No pride and all that jazz? All? When an institution continues to fail you change management and change the way institution works. You don’t change players over and over and over again. It seem ridiculous to me that the players are always at fault. I am a cricket fan, I can not go into a store and buy a west indies jersey with Bravo or Roach on the back why? India is at the top of world cricket because they play cricket. These poorly organized regional and local level competitions are poor. Otis Gibson does not like Chris Gayle and he is not man enough to look pass that and be professional, comments from all the other players prove that they enjoyed working with Gayle, Gayle is also the most successful captain we had for a long time. Darren Sammy appears to be a yes man, why would Gibson say that he wants to control his players, they are big men not boys, yes they have to carry out directions and stick to plans but they are not children to be controlled! They should be respected as professionals the correct term would be “work with” not control. If anything its my view that Otis Gibson lacks strategic planing because he and Sammy, select allot of unbalanced sides. Chris Gayle is not the first scape goat nor will he be the last. The board needs to stop flying around first class, staying in big hotels and watching porno. They concentrate on getting our cricket back to where it needs to be, by develop a reasonable regional season increasing their revenue and they need to stop with the corrupt activities, close the old boy club and stand behind their players. I am very disappointed in Mr Haynes, after what they did to him that he would stand to be part of the same club and allow them to do it to Gayle with out batting an eye, it really shows what he stands for.

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