Meet Paul Chandrashekar Valthaty

The Mumbai boy scored 120 off 63 the other night for some IPL team. From The Hindu:

An eye-related injury against Bangladesh in the 2002 Under-19 World Cup in New Zealand brought a halt to his development as a cricketer. He made 6 and 81 in the warm-up matches before the main competition, then a half-century against Canada and 10 against South Africa. He was forced to retire early in the game against Bangladesh.

Two things: 1) Again, not to harp on injured cricketers, but it’s clear some ailment sidelined this guy’s career. That’s really, really tough. 2) One of the IPL’s attractions — I knew I’d find one! — is its display of obscure Indian domestic cricketers. These guys only receive a fraction of the stars’ salaries, but this is an ideal stage for them. Remember Kamran Khan? Whatever happened to him?


3 thoughts on “Meet Paul Chandrashekar Valthaty

  1. I think Kamran Khan has a contract with Pune Warriors this year. Not sure though!

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