A Cricket Book I Must Have

Via Rich Abbott of The Corridor:

David Frith’s book on cricket, depression and suicide, Silence of the Heart … makes some astute observations regarding the demands placed on modern day international cricketers.

The catalog description from Amazon.com:

Cricket has an alarming suicide rate. For 30 years, author David Frith has collected data on this sad subject. This is an account of over 100 cricketers – involving top names over 100 years – who have taken their own lives, with an explanation of factors which led to their premature deaths. Can the shocking rate of self-destruction among cricketers be reduced? Can those who run the game do something to save its participants from this dreadful fate?

2 thoughts on “A Cricket Book I Must Have

  1. […] in the year, I posted about Silence of the Heart, a book that examines this very subject with empirical data: Cricket has an alarming suicide rate. […]

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