Dhoni, Former Railway Ticket Collector

I’m always curious to know what cricketers did before they hit the big-leagues. Given how long the odds are — 11 people out of a huge pool of talent — it’s wise for athletes to invest in a back-up plan (e.g., Kumble = engineering; Sangakarra = law). This is Dhoni’s past:

India Cricket Captain M S Dhoni is still to receive about Rs 4,000 as arrears from his former employer Railways with whom he had worked as ticket collector. “An amount of Rs 4,000 is still due to him and we wish to inform him about this,” said a senior Railway officer, who fondly remembered him as a “bright player” in the South Eastern Railway cricket team.

Amazing, no? Can you imagine running into a young Dhoni to ask for a one-way ticket? (Though, if you were around Jharkhand at the time, you’d probably ask round-trip.) Such a precipitous rise — however rare it may be in India (and elsewhere) — helps explain why he excites fans more than others. Who hasn’t had this dream before? (Aside: do you think lower-class blokes make for better captains? Discuss.)


5 thoughts on “Dhoni, Former Railway Ticket Collector

  1. What I like about your blog, is that you look at little things which most people don’t. Not that these things matter a lot to the cricket, but they are very interesting nonetheless.

    Keep posting 🙂

  2. Rahl says:

    Agree with Mayank. Its good to see that there are sane, open minded people across the border too, uninfected by the taliban/bal taghre-like mentality so prevalent in the two countries.
    Just so you know:
    Azhar Mehmood used to work at a car workshop
    Ijaz Ahmed was famously known as the doodhwala (milkman)

    • duckingbeamers says:

      Thanks, both of you! Appreciate the comments. And Rahl, that’s fascinating, re: Azhar and Ijaz.

  3. […] year was 1996. Sachin Tendulkar was already a legend. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was not even a ticket collector. The school Sports Day was approaching. There was only one question on everyone’s […]

  4. […] The paragraph is curiouser because Dhoni is, in fact, a former Indian Railways ticket collector. […]

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