The Fishbowl Of Indian Cricket

Mike Selvey of The Guardian quotes from a long-ago interview with Greg Chappell:

“For a while I wondered why some of them didn’t respond to all these waving people and smiling faces and I realised they can’t afford to. Just to give a little bit of emotion to each person would drain them. So they really do just have to live in their own little world as they are carried from hotel to ground, from ground to airport, from airport to plane, to the next airport and the next horde of waiting people all wanting a glimpse of their heroes.

“Players oblige as much as is humanly possible. Sachin Tendulkar, for example, is still the one who is most in demand and the way in which he just copes serenely with it is a lesson to us all. You know he gives what he can but he has learned that there is a limit. So he gives that much and then has to shut himself down.”

It occurs to me that the cricket field may be, strangely enough, the location where Indian players enjoy the most space from their fans.

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