Was The India-Pakistan Semifinal A Let Down?

Some in the cricket blogosphere have said the semifinal didn’t live up to expectations. If by “expectations” they meant a full-scale nuclear apocalypse, with Manmohan Singh frantically trying to reach Sonia Gandhi on the phone, then yes — it wasn’t that great.

But I didn’t think it was a boring match at all. Sure, it didn’t go down to the wire, but even with three overs until the end, there was still some tension and concern among the crowd that Misbah ul-Haq would pull a rabbit out of the hat and save the game. On Twitter, and in the commentary, it seemed each Pakistani wicket augured the final end — until new fears arose that Razzak, or Afridi, or Misbah would do something.

Actually, the game had all the markings of a great match: an initial Indian blitz, a Pakistani comeback, a despondent Indian crowd upset at the seemingly paltry score of 260, an initial Pakistani blitz, an Indian comeback, a brief Pakistani resurgence…you get the picture. Add to this some impressive individual performances (Tendulkar, Wahab, some peach deliveries, some dramatic near run-outs and catches, a couple of controversial UDRS calls) and I’m not sure what more you could have wanted.

Though a nuclear apocalypse would have made for good television…


3 thoughts on “Was The India-Pakistan Semifinal A Let Down?

  1. Aamer Jamal says:

    Pakistan lose, wasn’t because of only one mistake(sums up all the drops) but also because of strange behavior of Gul the bowling, body language, fielding he disappointed me the most, may be because i have more expectation from him, then also the slow batting of Younis khan and Misbah, in the end i must say one thing, India win because of our poor performance not because they played well.

  2. Rahl says:

    I think it is unwise to discredit India for the win. India’s batting order did crumble and was at times seen hapless in the wake of paki bowlers, but I think it was more so because of our collective batting collapse and the batting conditions. Indians bowled better than their usual, however our batsmen played poorer than their usual. Wahab was a revelation, and so was the fielding. On the whole I think Pakistan imploded under the immense pressure as both sides hadn’t played a match with such high stakes.

  3. Rahl says:

    *with such high stakes in a while.

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