The World Cup Proves To Be A Huge Distraction

There aren’t many times I wish I were a student again, and even when I do, I pine for the college days, not the harrowing years spent in Indian middle and lower high schools. One major reason: all that studying didn’t leave enough time to follow cricket. I still remember my teachers bemoaning cricket’s dastardly influence during PTA meetings with my mother.

This year’s World Cup schedule isn’t likely to help students at all, according to today’s Times of India:

The students who have to appear in class X and XII board exams are a worried lot these days. The class X and XII examinations of CBSE and ICSE boards are beginning from March 1, and these exams are likely continue till mid-April, the same time around which the ICC World Cup matches would be played. Similarly, the exams of UP board would begin from March 18. This being the peak time for exam preparations, the students are very likely to miss the excitement of the World Cup matches.

Better future, or a day’s cricket — Sophie’s Choice, really. But take it from me, students of India — just get through this and do well in your exams, so that in four years’ time, you’ll be living alone in your own apartment and able to watch as much cricket as you want.

Or just get TiVo.


3 thoughts on “The World Cup Proves To Be A Huge Distraction

  1. Not only is it a distraction for students of X n XII, but also for engineering students like me, who will have minors during the WC.

    But, I take it the other way around. Exams are a distraction from the cricket for me. 😉

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