Happy For Aakash Chopra

Good news for karma and justice. Regular readers know that I maintain “cricket crushes” for particular players, and want them to succeed or get picked no matter how seemingly limited their abilities may be. E.g.s: Mohammad Kaif, Irfan Pathan, Vinod Kambli — all fine players who never really reached full potential.

Surprisingly, the IPL, despite all odds, is helping ease the karmic scales. Both Kaif and Pathan got picked (the latter for an exorbitant price), and Cricinfo reports Aakash Chopra is also in for Rajasthan as an uncapped player. Chopra is a smart, smart man, and his wits and style are routinely displayed in his blog, Beyond The Blues. Once his cricket career ends, he’ll have a certain future as a writer or a commentator. Of course, I hope he gets his chance to shine in IPL4 as well.


One thought on “Happy For Aakash Chopra

  1. shrek says:

    If I were to pick such favourites over the years – they’d be
    Ajit agarkar, Hemang badani, murali kartik and now Rohit sharma – I hope at least the last one of these finally makes it to the big league

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