The End Of The Daniel Vettori Experiment

From Cricinfo comes dispiriting news:

John Wright has replaced Mark Greatbatch as New Zealand’s coach, and Daniel Vettori has lost his role as a selector, as part of a review of the team’s recent tour of India. Wright will take charge of the side immediately, while Greatbatch will become the convener of a three-man selection panel that will also include Glenn Turner and Lance Cairns.

Good for Wright, but bad for Vettori. His ascension to a formal role on NZ’s selection committee was hailed as a bold experiment when it was announced. I’m not sure how other countries do this; I believe most captains can advise selection committees but have no proper vote. That’s not ideal, because it means captains have to put up with players they don’t like, or, conversely, go without players they’d like to have. It also introduces an additional layer of politics: a popular, winning captain will get his way; a losing one won’t.

And so it was with Vettori. I honestly don’t know how to explain the two whitewashes (against Bangladesh and India), but I’m fairly certain Vettori had very little to do with it (the general level of mediocrity of NZ cricket should take most of the blame). Anyway, the end of a bold experiment. Too soon.


3 thoughts on “The End Of The Daniel Vettori Experiment

  1. golandaaz says:

    this implies that NZC believes that better selection and coaching would have resulted in a better performance / results. Hardly. The problem seems to be more core….in the available skills.

    But the response is classic management / consultant type.

  2. tracer007 says:

    i actually don’t have too much of a problem with this decision…i’m sure that the selectors will respect his input, but he doesn’t need to be an actual selector for that…its one less burden for him…

  3. swati says:

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