Feeling Half Good About Pathan

Even in this day of explosive batting, you’ll not likely catch an innings as exciting as the one Yusuf Pathan pulled off yesterday. Unbelievable stuff, made all the better by the fact that India were chasing down 315. Pathan burst on the scene through the IPL, when one Shane Warne spotted his talent. He had a middling time initially at the international level, but he seems to have returned. As he grows and matures, the hope is that he’ll become what Michael Bevan was to Australia: a much-needed closer in the lower-order to help if the top fails.

So why I am only feeling half good? Because regular readers know I have long nursed a cricket crush on Yusuf’s half-brother, Irfan, who continues to toil away at the first class. When you think about the promise Irfan showed before Greg Chappell and Co. ruined him, it’s hard to feel full redemption for this family will come until he takes that much-deserved five-for at Lord’s. Well, there’s always hope.


6 thoughts on “Feeling Half Good About Pathan

  1. golandaaz says:

    I watched the innings and could not help but hope it came with parental control. It should have been rated “R” for extreme violence including scenes of torture involving kiwis

    • Chezkeshto says:

      Michael Bevan was a bit more sophisticated though, and a much much much better bat than Yusuf will ever be.
      Dhoni compares more to Bevan than Yusuf.

      Great inning by Yusuf but he should be nowhere near the Indian line up.

  2. tracer007 says:

    well, it was a matter of time before Y Pathan came good on the international scene…every rookie needs a big innings or bowling spell to kickstart his career, and i suspect, YPathan, just had his…

  3. Mahek Vyas says:

    Man it’s time people stopped blaming Chappell for Irfan Pathan. The Aussie has been gone for over 3 years and Pathan hasn’t done much to warrant selection. I don’t know why you say he’s toiling away in first class cricket, he hasn’t played a single Ranji Trophy game this season.

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