Jimmy Anderson May Still Be A Little Wanker

I like Jimmy Anderson a lot. So do a lot of people; they said he has changed his ways, he won’t give up at the first sight of trouble, or when the swing stops working the oracle again.

Actually, the English team as a whole pulled an Anderson yesterday. After that first session, they needed to play like they were on a pitch in India — going back to attrition, slowly trying to strangle the opposition with tight lines and lop-sided fields (recall the 8-1 Dhoni field?) and taking all their chances (unlike, um, Jimmy Anderson and his drop). Instead, they sort of gave up; there were moments when I thought I could see Anderson mouth, “Screw this, I’m going home.”

But now, they have a chance to play like in India once more: nothing better than facing a huge deficit to bring out the Laxmans, Harbhajans and 5th day pitch-heroes in your team. Welcome to the subcontinent, lads!


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