Mark Nicholas’ Wikipedia Page

I know many folks don’t like commentator Mark Nicholas’ faux dramatics, but I don’t mind it. He’s relatively well-spoken, and he has a sense of the larger themes in a game, something many commentators miss. Test matches are about stories, and Nicholas — imho — tells them better than most.

But I did have a chuckle when some prankster edited Nicholas’ Wikipedia page and absolutely skewered him. It’s removed now, but it had the words “pompous popinjay” in the lead. It also noted that, despite Nicholas’ middling first-class career at Hampshire, Nicholas still felt like he could say what he wanted about the game — not a completely ludicrous assumption; in fact, why do all commentators have to point to some actual professional experience in the game as a qualification? I reckon there are plenty of fans who could convey the fun of the game despite never having bowled a ball outside back alley tournaments.

Anyway, head over to Nicholas’ page. It still has some snarkiness. E.g.:

During the 3rd Test at Old Trafford, his particularly insightful “That is very good” after Simon Jones‘s dismissal of Michael Clarke after the ball, which looked to be a safe leave, cut back and knocked over the batsman’s off stump. He also gave a memorable description of Ricky Ponting being out on the final day at Old Trafford. When umpire Billy Bowden put up the finger, Nicholas shouted “He’s given it out! Out! Ricky Ponting is out!”


One thought on “Mark Nicholas’ Wikipedia Page

  1. Kartikeya says:

    Excellent! I think you are right to record this for posterity…

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