Kevin Pietersen Plays Blindfold Cricket

Good stuff. Too bad it’s for an advertisement (and that too, some hair cream product). But the bravado is hard not to like (“Crank it up, buddy”):

One thought on “Kevin Pietersen Plays Blindfold Cricket

  1. Lizzie Joyce says:

    Hey there!

    Great blog – loving the content!

    I’m from Thrive PR in Melbourne and we are currently working with Wolf Blass, who (as you probably know) is the official partner of the Australian Cricket team for the Vodafone Ashes Series 2010/2011

    We thought you might be interested in the campaign we are working on for them with Michael Slater?

    Basically, we are launching a national competition for consumers to play a game of cricket outside the MCG on Boxing Day with Michael Slater where eight lucky people will have the opportunity to play cricket with Michael Slater and win up to $10k.. The campaign also has a ‘highly addictive’ online game where players can win some great prizes!

    Check it out here –

    Further more we have some great assets that we can offer you for your blog from great competitions to win Wolf Blass wine, exclusive images and video content, interviews and celebrity Q&As

    We would love to discuss these ops with you further and see how we can work together going forward! Look forward to hearing from you!

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