A Bad Week For ODI Haters

The last few ODI matches played around the world — Pakistan v. South Africa; Sri Lanka v. Australia — have been just about the most scintillating stuff you’ll see in this format. By that, I don’t mean they were just close, one-wicket, nail-biting affairs. Odds are, you’ll see a few of those in T20 as well.

No, I mean the type of thrill on offer is unique to the game. A. Razzaq, for instance, had to guide his team for an astonishing number of overs before he came close to knocking off the target. The same goes for the unlikely pair of A. Mathews and L. Malinga. When they came together, they needed more than 100 runs in 25 overs with just 2 wickets in hand. That’s a plot line only an ODI can deliver.

Now, sure, you could say these are freak events (Mathews and Malinga had to score a record partnership for their team to win). But because of the added length and time, this week’s fun has been just so much sweeter than the T20 variety.

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