Watching Cricket Players Arrive In An Airport

I like it when cricket media outlets devote space to announce the arrival of such-and-such team at an airport. I also like the accompanying photos, showing dapper young athletes dressed in their Sunday best. Reminds me of my high school days, when we had to dress up to go to tournaments with other schools.

But this is just a cricket thing, right? It seems so strange — I almost never hear of such coverage in American sports (the Yankees arrived in Boston tonight?). And why can’t these poor athletes wear something less stuffy than a tie and suit off the plane?


One thought on “Watching Cricket Players Arrive In An Airport

  1. fckingblog says:

    I suppose it’s because in no other sport does a team leave/arrive for a two month tour. Also, they’re mostly clubs and franchises, not national teams.

    They do have such coverage when there’s big month long extravaganzas like the Football World Cup though when national teams are involved.

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